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STEM Event in the Community

Are you a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math)  school?  Are you thinking of bringing more STEM to your school?  It’s definitely building in the world of education. In today’s world… Read more »

Self-Scoring Digital Task Cards

I’m very excited to announce that I am now creating and selling digital task cards, hosted at BOOM Learning! I’ve a growing library of resources for the elementary school classroom…. Read more »

Compliments in the Classroom

Today I was privileged to be in a classroom while they shared in “Compliment Cookies”.  As I walked into the room, the students were very excitedly moving their desks to… Read more »

I’m having a love of Spring Break sale, where you can get a break on prices, especially those off-season items that are up to 60% off! Come check it out! This… Read more »

Leading our Response to Intervention Team

Response to Intervention (RTI), Student Support Team (SST), Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT), Behavior Intervention Team (BIT); it can be called by a myriad of names. It is this team that comes… Read more »