I Found an Amazingly Easy Way to Assess Students

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Have the Back to School Sales got you shopping; lots to do and lots to find?! I hope that you are finding the resources you need for your classroom, home-school, or teaching needs.

One of the ways that I want to help you is by updating my resources. If you shop Teachers Pay Teachers, I encourage you to check out your purchases page and look for those “update” notifications. I’ve updated quite a few of my products on TpT so far, and I suspect many other sellers have too. I will be looking at each one of my resources on TpT and determining how they need to be updated for the new year.  Keep an eye out for those updates!

Recently, I and fellow TpT’ers, were visiting at one of our colleague’s home as a part of our collaboration efforts, and she shared with us some digital resources through BOOM Learning. https://wow.boomlearning.com/  (If you have tablets or smart phones, there’s an app for that!)BOOM reminded me a lot of the resources that can be made with SMART and Promethean Boards, but these task cards can be used on PC’s, tablets, and phones so that students can learn, practice, or be assessed individually, anywhere.  Boom Learning even scores the work automatically. Talk about a time saver!

(Check out our view.  Dreaming here.)

I love using technology to help our students today. This Boom Learning was right up my alley. So, I went home and began creating Digital Task Cards on BOOM. I’ve recently created a free one for primary students about how to make a Jack-o-Lantern to go with my sequencing resource. https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/How-to-Make-a-Jack-o-Lantern-Procedures-with-Differentiation-2164926

I invite you to try the task cards. 

After completing this fun resource, I began to create a set of vocabulary decks. They currently have students practicing prefixes, but I plan to make more for suffixes and other morphemes. I’m excited about it! These sets are geared for grades 3-4, but anyone who is working on these skills can benefit. Check them out!



But if digital isn’t your method of practice, don’t worry; there are plenty of printable resources too at my store on Teachers Pay Teachers. Come on over and see what is new!

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