This is the Amazing Teaching with the Iditarod

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It’s nearly time for the annual Alaskan sled dog race from Anchorage, (or Fairbanks as it is this year) to Nome! This 1000 mile race challenges teams consisting of a musher and his or her sled dogs to run through the scenic, natural, dangerous, and frozen land of the Great Last Frontier of Alaska.  This amazing race is carefully planned and supervised by professional dog sled racers, veterinarians, and Alaskans. It honors the history of working dogs in the state, the native lands and people, and those that have gone before.

I love using this event as a teaching tool in my classroom. The pure adventure of it, and love of animals, engages students in learning in ways unlike any other.  In my previous post, “The Unique Iditarod Brings Excitement about Learning”, I talk about the history of the race, the amazing men and women who compete, the thrilling event, and how I teach through it.   I’ve made several teaching resources that you may find beneficial to your own teaching. But don’t take my word for it.  Here’s some things your peers are saying:

“I can’t even explain how awesome this resource is. It has everything you need!” Elizabeth S.

“This is exactly what our special education class needed for a unit on the Iditarod. The activities are easily applicable”  SpEdtacular Resources

“This is seriously amazing!!!!” Kimrich33

“Hands down, the Iditarod unit is the favorite every year, and this will add so much to what we do! Thanks!” Linda T.

“Everything I could hope for.” Melissa I

“Love this resource! Saved me a ton of time and work! I will use this year after year!” Heather S.

“Thanks for these activities! My first graders loved them!” Lucy M

“We do a small unit on the Iditarod each year and this provided a great supplement to the unit! The kids enjoyed it too. Amy K

“This was very helpful for our Iditarod unit. A lot of student engagement. So easy to use!” Deb B

“Thanks! This was one more way to bring the fun of the Iditarod in the classroom!” Melissa B

“So many fun activities and useful items in this!” Deborah R

“Was an excellent addition to our study of the Iditarod!” Jodi M

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So, come on! Mush into the adventure and learn about the Iditarod! It’s the Last Great Race!

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